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If you take your readings seriously, and even if have not taken them as seriously, it must be known to you that the man and fitness go a long way and that the more fit you are the more natural selection favors you whether in the wild or in your backyard.

Or conversely, that the more someone else looks healthier and younger than you, the more they will attract resources and success in their lives as compared to you. Okay, you may not understand natural selection this way but the logic is the same and just for recaps, here are 4 ways you can use to stay fit and ahead of the pack.



Hunting involves a lot of calorie burning activities with the foremost of these being thinking about how to corner your prey (the brain consumes a fifth of our energy reserves). Not to mention, hunting will also have you running, anxious and doing some other activities like throwing stuff all of which are very energy intensive.

If you are serious about hunting, you can visit a nature reserve in a place like Maine where you and your friends or family can do just that. Remember to carry your hunting gear with you because hunting is a bit involving and requires more preparation than cooking although it is more fun than can here be described.


Exercise means a lot of things and any activity that you engage in and which burns calories while helping you melt some fat might as well be considered as exercise. However, the exercise we are talking about is that which happens in a controlled setting like in a gym or a fitness club. Breaking a sweat on a treadmill or an elliptical machine for instance goes a long way in ensuring that you not only look younger than the next guy but that you also get the chance of living longer a really good thing considering that your favorite TV show might last just as long.


Hiking is another cool way of saying yes to fitness and this is because it involves all the major muscles of the body while also serving as a great outdoor recreational activity. Moreover much of the hiking that people talk about including this hiking happens in nature reserves where wildlife and breathtaking landscapes happen to be in abundance all of which will add value to your life.


To be fair, dieting is boring unless you are eating really good and delicious food (something rare) or are dieting somewhere in the wildness in a camp where you are compensated for dieting by getting to see some moose mating all day. But hey, dieting works too and it will keep you fit enough to earn you some health benefits and well-deserved attention from friends and foes alike. However if burning calories is all that you are worried about, my advice is that you should go on and do some energy intensive activity like hunting or sport fishing after which you can eat all the food that you want with reckless abandon because after all you will sweat it all.

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