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The Camping Checklist That You Should Tick Before Heading Out For Camp

If you try to imagine what the first ever camping site looked like, you most certainly must be convinced that at night it was pathetic and indefensible against attacks from the saber tooth and other unworldly creatures at the same time, you will agree that during the day, it was a place of dance, feasting and mating.

Fast forward today and you realize that the camp site hasn’t changed that much except for the case of mythical creatures terrorizing the night and the fact that there are no more bunnies and he goats being sacrificed to appease the gods. But what really makes a campsite today? Here is the camping checklist that you should tick before heading out for camp.



Unless you want to camp on a cave, a tent is a must have and there is no other way that you can go about this. A camping tent is where you will put your supplies, lie down at night and find shelter when faced with danger or unwelcome weather conditions. When choosing your tent, it is important to choose a tent with a larger berth for extra space and an electric hook up where you can hang your lantern. A tent that also has extra accessories like spare tent pegs, tent torch and a tent carpet will also serve you better than one without.

Food supplies

Food supplies

Even Spartacus carried food wherever he fought and went and so don’t think that you can camp on an empty stomach unless your tent is one of those futuristic types that are edible. Your food supplies and which include water in this case will keep you full and with enough energy to participate in other camp related activities such as hunting and hiking. Make sure that you keep your food safe enough that ants can’t find it or a bear roaming otherwise it wouldn’t have helped to carry any.

Lighter/ match sticks

For a tent in the wilderness, you will need something to light up a fire. Fire will keep you warm while also helping you cook some of the wild geese that may have caught by the trap set by some other hunter. Most importantly however, fire will keep things such as wolves and bear away as these can easily tear you apart.

First aid kit

When camping in the wild, you might realize that help is not immediately available if anything were to go wrong. That is why you need to have a first aid kit with you all the time so that by the time help arrives, you have already done the best you can.


This could be a gun, a spear, a crossbow or a knife but you must have a way of keeping off intruders because in the wild, you never know what will happen. But if it was a matter of choice the thing that you are better off having is the hunting knife and this is because it has the potential of serving very many and varied purposes plus you can easily carry it around.

Of course there are many more camping essentials to talk about but these will always be secondary to the above five as the story of man and camping will always be about these.

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