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What To Do In The Wild? Here Are 4 Things

The wild has always intrigued man and no matter how fixated we are on living in the concrete jungles that we call home, few are able to resist the call of the wild. And mostly for good reasons, the wild is calm and tranquil, full of adventure, endearing, magical and most importantly wild in the sense that it is not what we are used to.

So let’s say you paid a visit to a wild place like a nature reserve in the beautiful state of Maine what things wild or not are there to do? While you might be tempted to think that this is an entirely wild thing to ask (there is nothing not to be done in the wild), it is excusable in fact, it is a fairly good question that should take up some of our time in any case, there are few topics as interesting as are topics about going wild.



How obvious can it get that you can hunt in the wild? Well, it is not that obvious and here is the reason why not everybody is sure of their hunting skills this is despite their grandfathers making it as great hunters during their cave days and with some nature reservations and governments putting a strict limit on what you can chase down, hunting is hurt in the process. But hey there is nowhere else that you can hunt if not in the wild so don’t consider going anywhere else.


This is one of the most popular things that goes on in the wild. Camping in the wild is full of incredible rewards inform of peace, chance and wildness. So what are chance and wildness? Chance means that you have just that the chance to do a lot of things while camping here like hiking, hunting, nature watching and so on. On the other hand, wildness is about rules and if it pleases you to know you can roam and roar like a black bear even in your tiny camping tent and still answer to no one and this happens only in the wild.


Most wild places are full of these nature trails and mountain paths which if followed will take you to some of the most picturesque and breathtaking places that you’ve ever seen. In the wild you can hike all you want and with friends and family or without. Hiking in the wild is also a fun filled exercise solution that is pursued by many people and whom you would say find the wild things irresistible.

Nature watching

The wild is where all the action is in the sense that it is where coyotes have sex and bears groan. In other words, the wild is a great place to watch and film such amazing things as are a moose fighting a mouse, a bear chasing a moose and a coyote having sex.

You can place as many cameras as you want and in as many places, follow the lives of as many coyotes as possible until you capture your favorite coyote moment. That is what it means to go wild.

5 Resons Why Wildlife Is Fascinating

 Maria Alexandra  February 16, 2015  Nature  No Comments

Whether it is a baboon making out with another baboon or a pack of wolves hunting down a moose, there is always something interesting about wildlife. And the fact that wildlife is easily accessible in multiple locations such as in zoos and nature reserves around the country and the world makes the fun even more welcoming. But what keeps man fascinated and fixated on wildlife? Here are five reasons that even your friends would agree on.



Wildlife is diverse and comes in all shapes and sizes not to mention, wildlife is to be found in every corner of the planet no matter how harsh or welcoming it is. There is no getting boring when it comes to wildlife and you can choose between the elephant and the panda or even have them both as your favorites because with so much to choose from it all depends on you.

Each has a story about it

Forget that your life is full of this or that, the daily goings on of the life of let’s say a buffalo can read like a script from a New York Times best seller. In fact, most of the engaging, fascinating and award winning documentaries are about the lives of animals, their hopes, aspirations and moments in life. We love them for their stories and look forward to knowing more about them for the same reason.

Remind us of ourselves

A struggle in life is a struggle is life no matter whose life it is we are talking about so the moment we see two bunnies mating in the wild, or a mountain lion as it fiercely defends its territory, it reminds us of something about ourselves. Furthermore, the rules of engagement, of competition, of success are universally shared between man and wildlife and we identify with these even on the slow acting sloth.


To watch a mother cheetah as she desperately and successfully protects her young against all odds or to watch a sloth painstakingly climb a tree despite all the laziness is really inspiring. Inspiring stories and moments are not only restricted to these two animals as every wild animal has an inspiring story to tell and this is because their lives revolve around making it every day without the slightest help from any advantages that may have come the animal’s way the other day. To these animals, every day is a fighting day.

So next time you want to rise up after a damning fall in your life, do not go searching for an inspiring quote from Wordsworth or Robert Browning the daily struggles of a hyena will serve you well.

Provide lots of opportunities for us

When you see a moose you want to chase it down and when you spot a fat salmon you want it in your next meal and this is what opportunity means to each of us. Wild animals apart from providing us with a lot of interesting facts about nature, life and ourselves (some birds inspired Darwin to write the origin of the species) also provide us with excellent recreational opportunities such as hunting, game watching and fishing all of which make them even more endearing to us.

Man And Nature: Why The Fascination Persists


The love affair between man and nature is a long and enduring one and shall not here be narrated lest we all get emotional. But there are things about nature that will always be intriguing and just like you, many people also find these topics to be very interesting. This piece discusses the five things that make nature really awesome and worth our attention every time the topic comes about.


Breathtakingly vast and abundant

Yes, this is entirely obvious and there is no excuse why you should always be reminded of this (like you never get it) except that there is always an excuse when it comes to nature. There is so much diversity in nature in form of species, geological features, rivers, lakes climates and so on that you cannot even in a thousand lifetimes be expected to have had enough.

And when we talk of nature we are limited to the little that earth has allowed us to interact with an embarrassingly small portion given that there are millions of exoplanets and galaxies out there that may as well host a life curious enough to want read on.



All humans agree that power is seductive and that is part of the reason they can’t help but hold nature in very high esteem. In one way or the other, nature has control over many of our actions and can and do determine our fates without the slightest consideration of what it is that we want with our lives a really uncool way of saying how lowly we are and how something else has all the say.

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